#bornova2016 - Multi-level cooperation from Paris to Marrakech

By Béatrice Karas on 5 avril 2016

As Eduardo Lopez Moreno from UN Habitat puts it rightly : "The cities that are most prosperous are not those that strongly compete with each other, but those that strongly cooperate." Our conference in Bornova on 1-3 June will explore how creating links can be most inspiring and beneficial. During a high-level political level session on Thursday 2 June, panelists will debate how alliances can greatly contribute to achieving international, EU and national energy and climate objectives, to reinforcing complementarity of action and to inspire others to follow the lead.

Amongst the confirmed speakers of this session entitled "Cooperation as a mechanism to scale up the energy transition", we are proud to have Mrs. Hakima El Haite, Moroccan Minister of the Environment and Special Envoy of the Kingdom of Morocco for COP22. In the footsteps of Laurence Taubiana, France’s Special Representative for the COP21, Mrs. El Haité will lead the climate diplomacy process towards the UN Summit in Marrakech to be held in November.

Putting the climate agreement into action will need bold solidarity between countries, especially between developed and developing. El Haité had confirmed her commitment to local action during an impressive speech to the international audience of the Local Leaders’ Summit in Lyon, last July. Standing ovations had followed her speech in which she had highlighted the need for transforming society through a change in culture, behaviour and paradigm - with cooperation between non-state actors as a key of this renewal.

Ahead of COP22, the world’s eyes will be turned towards Morrocco in the coming months. See Hakima El Haite’s interview presenting the Kingdom’s environmental policy

Further speakers of this session with a track record in international cooperation :

  • Dominique Campana from ADEME (French environment and energy management agency) will focus on the international urban agenda and ADEME’s efforts to link cities across borders.
  • Ronan Dantec, environment spokesman for United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and Senator at the French Parliament will bring an international dimension to the discussion and prove that the climate and development agendas represent a single, common international obligation.
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