Monday 1 April 2019

Greta Thunberg appointed environmental spokesperson for the Trump administration

Stroke of genius? Or a change of scene in the politico-ecological sphere?

Donald Trump, world leader of climate sceptics, has announced through Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, that Greta Thunberg will now be the spokesperson for the United States of America for all environmental and energy issues.

This announcement is a real thunderbolt! Since the beginning of his term, Donald Trump has been particularly cautious about global warming despite the consensus of certainty of the international scientific community. We remember in particular his regular tweets, each time there was a snowflake in the US, to ask if global warming had "broken down".

In the same vein, the President of the United States did not wait long after his election to denounce the Paris Agreement, which as a reminder, aims to contain the increase in the global temperature of the planet under the 2 ° C by 2100 (compared to the pre-industrial era). Finally, more recently, the US President has made a name for himself in keeping the aging coal plants alive, particularly in the Tennessee Valley.

A rapprochement for the least amazing

One wonders what could have driven Donald Trump to seek the services of the young Swede, aside from another desperate bid for publicity, as their positions seem antagonistic and irreconcilable.
Similarly, one can only wonder about the hopes of the teenager on her role in the administration of President Trump: greenwashing the continuation of a policy based on fossil fuels, or a willingness to embody a real change of convictions?

What is certain is that many "technical" difficulties oppose this collaboration. First, Greta Thunberg does not have US citizenship. Second, she is only 16 years old; two years short of the age of majority in the US. Finally, Greta has never fired anyone, and will have to work hard to keep fossil fuel lobbyists away, along the lines of her boss’ trademark "You’re fired!"

Donald Trump, whose sense of shame has yet to be found, said in a tweet that he would lower the age of the majority to 16 years, and would pass a law allowing automatically offering US citizenship to Swedish minors whose first name begins with a "G". He also said, "that he was not one to let himself be stopped by an administrative wall, and that the walls in general should stop only Mexicans."

From our correspondent in the United States, April Fouls-Djoque

by Raphaël Chatelet on 1 April 2019 / 984 visits

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